Perennial - Herbs

Herbs are most commonly used - whole or in part - to enhance health, flavor or fragrance. Herbal teas are common and quite enjoyable. The flavor of meats, vegetables, sauces and soups can be enhanced by adding herbs.  They are also used to add flavor to vinegars, butters, dips or mustards.

The more fragrant herbs are are used in potpourris or sachets, or to scent bath water, candles, oils and perfumes. Many modern medicines contain plant extracts as active ingredients. Many herbs were thought to have health benefits and were used in traditional folk medicine. Valuable new medicines are being developed from plants as research continues.

Herbs are relatively easy to grow. We recommend beginning your herb garden with the herbs you enjoy using the most. Basil, oregano and fennel are often used for Italian cooking.  Lavender and lemon verbena are common ingredients of potpourri.  Peppermint, chamomile and blue balsam mint can be used for making your own teas.

The best growing conditions for herbs vary for each individual species. Ask our staff if you have questions about successfully growing your herb garden.  

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