Tree Planting & Delivery Services

Our landscape services can provide you with Tree Planting and Delivery of goods.  


Tree planting charges:

Small container trees & shrubs  (#3-#5)

Large container & Balled/Burlapped up to 2.75” caliber trees

Large Balled & Burlapped trees 3-3.5”
Minimum $500 & up
Large Trees 3.75” & Greater
*Additional mileage charges may apply.

Multiple Tree Planting Charge Discounts Available!
2-3 trees planted at the same time  10% OFF
4 or more trees planted at the same time  20% OFF

Depending on distance extra delivery fee may be added.


Please Note: If we are planting your trees, we will call DIG RITE to mark your property. Trees cannot be planted until DIG RITE has tagged your property.


Delivery Costs: (plants, rock, mulch, sand, soil, etc.)

Charges are based on Map Quest one-way mileage from Nursery. 
Prices may change at Management’s discretion.

BASE RATE:                       $70
This area includes Smithville, Nashua, Kansas City that is within 10 miles of Nursery.  (64089-64154-64155-64156 zip codes)

11 – 19 miles out:             $80
Includes Trimble, Kansas City (64157, 64158), Kansas City/Gladstone (64118-64119), Kearney, Liberty, Parkville, Platte City, Pleasant Valley, Riverside.

20 – 29 miles out:          $90
Includes Camden Point, Dearborn, Excelsior Springs, Gower, Holt, Lathrop, Plattsburg, Weston

30+ miles out:                 $100
Includes Cameron, Polo, St. Joseph

Our trucks hold up to 6 tons of product.  

We can haul approximately 
6 scoops (5 yards) of rock;
8 scoops (6 yards) of topsoil; 
10 scoops (7-8 yards) of mulch. 

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