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Grass Seed

We stock the following types of Grass Seed:

– Premium Fescue Blend
– Premium Fescue / Bluegrass Mix
– Deluxe Shady Mix

 *All products listed are available for purchase by the pound, in 25 pound bags, or 50 pound bags.



Freshly-sewn seed can produce a very attractive lawn if the proper practices are followed.  The appearance and success of your lawn depends largely upon the care given in the first 4-6 weeks.  However, a new lawn cannot be forgotten after this time, and the proper maintenance programs should be followed.  Here are some helpful tips to help you on your way.


WATERING SEED:  Once your lawn is seeded, immediately water to a depth of 3-4 inches by continuous light watering that does not cause run-off.  Daily watering is a must!   The seed must not be allowed to dry out.  After seed is well established daily sprinklings should give way to a normal watering schedule.


Your new  lawn should be planted with a starter fertilizer for quick establishment.   This type of fertilizer will be used rapidly and should therefore be followed by a spring and fall fertilization program.


Mow new grass as soon as it is 3 inches tall.  Be sure your mower blade is sharp.  Set the mower to a height of 2 ½ inches.  Continue mowing at this height for the remainder of the season and only remove 1/3 growth at a time.


Herbicides and insecticides are usually applied in the spring and fall with some controlled applications in the summer.  Because of the varying situations and circumstances, it is practical to have a program designed specifically for your type of lawn.   We will be happy to design a program for your lawn.