tree planting & deliveries


Full Features offers professional tree planting and root removal services. 

Pricing varies depending on the size of tree, how big the hole needs to be, and if one or two planting pros from our staff are needed.  There is an additional charge if another tree has to be removed or if roots need to be dug out.   

Tree planting ranges from $95 to $300, depending upon the size of the tree, with discounts available for multiple trees planted at the same time.  

Root removal is $75 per man hour.   (ex. 2 staff members x 1 hour = $150)  This would be in addition to the tree planting charge.   


Allow 3-5 days for them to mark all utility lines when scheduling your tree plant. .   

For additional information, call our Garden Center at 816-532-4101.  To select your trees and schedule your tree plant, stop by our Garden Center .  Our Pro Staff will be glad to help you select the perfect tree for your space, answer all your questions, and get your tree plant on our schedule.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.  

Crab apple tree


Delivery services are available for Mulch, Topsoil,  Rock, Sand, Gravel, plants, etc.  

We can deliver up to 7 scoops of Topsoil or Rock and up to 12 scoops of Mulch in one load. 

We cannot deliver different items at the same time, as we have no way to separate them.

Delivery Fees: 

0 -10 miles from Garden Center                  $75.00 

11- 19 miles from Garden Center                $85.00 

20 – 29  miles from Garden Center              $95.00

Over 30 miles from Garden Center            beginning at $105.00

Delivery charges are based on MapQuest quotes for one-way mileage from our Garden Center.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.