Tree Planting & Deliveries


Not sure how to plant that new tree or it’s just too much for you to do?  NO Problem!    We can plant that tree for you!   

Pricing varies depending on the size of tree, how big the hole needs to be, and if 1 or 2 planting pros from our staff are needed.  We  will also need to know if another tree has to be removed or if roots need to be dug out.   

Tree planting starts at $85.00 and can go up to $250 depending on the size of the tree. 

If we have to dig out roots from a previous tree, that is done at $75/ man hour.   (ex. 2 guys x 1 hr = $150) 

This would be in addition to the tree planting charge.   

You will be given a flag with tree purchase and you can place it in your yard where you want the new tree planted.  

WE MUST CALL DIG RITE BEFORE PLANTING A TREE.  Please understand this takes some time and thus all plantings are 3-5 days out.   

Crab apple tree


Need a large quantity of something but have no way to get it to your house? We can help with that too!    

We can deliver – Mulch, Topsoil,  Rock, Sand, Gravel, plants, etc.   

We can deliver up to 7 scoops of Topsoil or Rock and up to 12 scoops of Mulch. 

We cannot deliver different items at the same time, as we have no way to separate them.

Delivery Fees: 

1 -10 miles from Nursery                  $70.00 

11- 20 miles from Nursery                $80.00 

21 – 30 miles from Nursery              $90.00