Japanese Beetles – they’re here! What can you do?

Japanese Beetle life cycle

Japanese Beetles are here!  What can you do? 

We have provided information on treatments for Japanese Beetles are the different stages of their life cycle, and how to best treat to rid your plants of these pests. 
The Japanese beetle can be a very damaging insect in both the adult and larval stages. [see illustration]
· Larvae chew on the roots of turfgrasses and it is an important white grub pest of turfgrass in much of the northeastern part of the US.
· Adults cause serious injuries as they feed on the leaves and flowers of many ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables. Among the plants most commonly damaged are rose, grape, crabapple, and beans to name a few.

Adult Stage on Ornamentals

The adult stage is mid June through July. The beetles emerge from the soil every day and feed and return to the soil every evening. On the foliage they tend to eat the tissue between the veins and on the fruit and flowers they often eat everything.

Adult Controls

Here is a selection of ferti-lome and Hi-Yield products to control this pest.
· Hi-Yield Garden Dust
· Hi-Yield 38 Plus
· Hi-Yield Lawn Garden Pet & Livestock Insect Control
· ferti-lome Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Purpose Insect Spray
· ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench (must be applied 2-3 weeks ahead of infestation on shrubs and 2-3 months ahead on trees).

Larvae Stage in Turf

If the damage is from the grubs, you will be able to peel the turf back, like a piece of sod. Your turf can handle up to 6 grubs per sq. ft. The threshold before damage occurs is 8 to 10 grubs per sq. ft. Healthy turf can tolerate a lower number of grubs per sq. ft., although grubs are often not the only issue affecting the turf.

Larvae Controls

Here is a selection of Hi-Yield and Natural Guard products to control the pest.
· Hi-Yield Grub Free Zone II or Grub Free Zone III
· Natural Guard Grub Control
Our staff is always ready to answer questions and assist you in finding the correct product for your current situation.  Stop by our Garden Center for additional information.  

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