Fall lawn and decorative pond maintenance

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Fall is a great time to give some extra TLC to your lawn and decorative pond.  Overseeding your lawn and mitigating algae and sludge in your pond will provide results you’ll enjoy next Spring.  Here are some tips on choosing the right products for the job. 

Turf Grass Seed and Seed Mixtures

One of the most critical steps in turf grass establishment is selecting high-quality seed or a seed mixture that is adapted to the site conditions and intended use of the turf. Poor quality seed may be low in viability and contain weed seeds or undesirable grass species, resulting in unsatisfactory turf establishment, wasted time, effort and money. Also, if the species in the seed mixture are not right for the conditions at the site, the resulting stand may become thin and subject to soil erosion and weed encroachment.

When purchasing seed, read the label for the type, amount and quality of seed in the container. Empty seed hulls, stems and filler content can be high in bargain grass seed. Top quality grass seed means top quality cleaning to remove empty seed hulls, stems, dirt and other materials.

There can be a large amount of weed seeds in even a small bag of grass seed. Even if the weed seed number is very small, it could mean hundreds of weeds. How much is your time and money worth? Look for 99.99% weed-free.

Small Pond Algae and Sludge Removers 

If you have excessive algae and/or sludge in your decorative pond, here are some tips that might be helpful.

Ecological balance is the key. The right number of fish with the right number of aquatic plants and the right PH level will help keep everything in sync and algae production will be reduced.

Use an algaecide as directed on the label to help in killing off any excess algae.  Make sure it is labeled as being safe for aquatic plants and fish.

Use biological pond clarifiers to digest and remove waste materials that settle in the bottom of the pond. Occasionally check the PH level in your pond and use PH Up or PH Down to keep it between 6.8 and 8.0.

By doing these things, your pond will be clear and healthy, and much more enjoyable for you.

If you have any questions just stop in and see us. We will be happy to show you these products and guide you through their use.

Some information provided by http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org  and www.Fertilome.com

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