What your annuals and perennials need in August

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Tips from our Pro Staff: Caring for annuals and perennials 

Putting these items on your To Do list this month will help you get the most enjoyment from those beautiful annual and perennial blooms all season long. 

August is typically one of the hottest times of the year, when gardens and gardeners are both subject to being baked by the hot sun. Gardening this month is best done in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are more comfortable, and you are less likely to suffer heat-related illness or injury.

Annuals and Perennials

  • Perennials that flower in the spring and summer can be divided and transplanted after blooming. Transplant during the coolest part of the day, preferably in the shade.
  •  Trim and fertilize your container plants – they still have time for another show.
  •  Treat late-season pests – such as aphids, whiteflies and spider mites – with Bayer Insect Disease and Mite Control or Malathon.
  •  Treat diseased plants and remove diseased foliage before leaves drop.
  •  Propagate plants by collecting seeds, taking cuttings, or layering.
  •  Continue deadheading! For prolific bloomers like coreopsis and catmint, shear them lightly to encourage more blooms.
  • Continue spraying roses that are susceptible to black spot and other fungus diseases. Roses should receive no further nitrogen fertilizer after August 15.Caring for roses
  •  Divide bearded iris now. Discard old center sections and borer-damaged parts. Replant so tops of rhizomes are just above ground level.




Come back for more Pro Tips on caring for your lawn and garden!   We’ll cover August care for your vegetable garden, trees, shrubs and more – plus give you a heads up on pests and problems to watch for.  


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