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Hummingbird & Oriole feeders 

We love watching hummingbirds, those marvelous, tiny birds that flit around our home gardens.   Starting in about April, these entertaining little feathered friends show up in our area.   

We have a fun selection of Hummingbird and Oriole feeders, as well as food to put in them.   We also have a great variety of plants that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Some of their favorites are zinnia, bee balm, hostas, lantana, hibiscus, petunias, salvia, foxglove and rhododendron.  Our staff will be happy to help you identify which of these plants will thrive in your specific outdoor space. 

Surround yourself with the 
soothing sounds of wind chimes

Complement any garden, deck or patio with the beautiful tunes of a wind chime. 

The tubes, depending on length, make a wide range of wonderful tones. Together with sound and color options, wind chimes are sure to bring enjoyment to any home or garden.

Full Features Garden Center offers only the finest, high-quality wind chimes from WindRiver, where musicality is no small matter. The creators at WindRiver have perfected “the Science of Sound.”  Each wind chime is carefully engineered to create the most melodic chimes on the market. Before a chime is assembled, each component and tube is tested for  tone, resonance and pitch to make sure they match the intended harmony. It’s the kind of attention to detail you can see—and hear.

Our selection of wind chimes varies in length, tones, pitch and colors.  You’re sure to find one that fills your outdoor space with sounds that speak to you.  

WindRiver chimes are made by artisans using USA-sourced materials. 


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