There is still plenty to do in your lawn and garden this month

Garden Center Pro Tips

It may be November, but there is still plenty to do to help your lawn and garden survive this Winter, and be ready to thrive next Spring. Here are some tips from our Pro Staff.  

  • Start forcing bulbs like paperwhites, hyacinth and amaryllis for the holidays.
  • Cover compost so that rain doesn’t flood and leach the nutrients.
  • Keep weeding.
  • Keep watering trees and shrubs until the ground freezes.
  • Protect your roses by mounding soil around the crown and covering the bud union. Tie down climbing rose canes to protect them from cold winds.
  • Clean up garden debris; cut back and remove any diseased or infested foliage.
  • Protect evergreens from deer damage by circling with stakes and burlap.
  • Protect young trees from mice damage by wrapping wire around the bottom portion of the trunk
  • Protect plants from vole damage by not mounding mulch too close to the plant
  • Get those bulbs into the ground now.
  • If you’re planning on buying a live Christmas tree with the intention of planting it this winter, dig the hole now, before the ground freezes. Remember to keep the soil covered, so that it too does not freeze and can go back into the hole.
  • Check that indoor plants are receiving enough water, humidity and air circulation.
  • Keep an eye out for pests like spider mites and scale, and take care of them before they become a problem.

Some information provided by Ferti*Lome.com

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