Here’s how YOU can help our pollinators

Learn how you can help our pollinators during Pollinator Week June 19-25.
Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, oh my! These are some of our area’s most common pollinators.  Read on to learn how you can help our pollinators, and attract these beauties to your garden. 
Pollinator Week is an annual celebration which supports pollinator health. The goal is to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word about what YOU can do to help and protect them. This week we will feature a wealth of information from Pollinator Partnership. You can learn more at their website, Pollinator.org. #PollinatorWeek
If you have questions or need help getting started on a pollinator garden, our Pro Staff is always waiting to help you pick the perfect plants for your outdoor space.
Links shown in the graphics are listed below. 

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