The top reasons we love fruit trees

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The top reasons we love fruit trees:  You can grow your own food!

Home-grown food is the top reason we love fruit trees.  Nothing tastes better than fruit and vegetables you grow yourself. Compare homegrown fruit with store-bought, and you’ll see a noticeable difference. Fruit grown in your own garden will be sweeter, juicier and have more flavor.  Store-bought produce is often picked before it is fully ripe.  When picked early, the fruit doesn’t have time to fully develop the flavor that makes it so delicious. Grow your own and you can give the fruit time to ripen fully on the tree and achieve that maximum flavor. 

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Store bought fruit is often treated with pesticides and chemicals. Growing your own fruit ensures you are in control of what you feed and fertilize your tree with.

The top reasons we love fruit trees: Their blooms smell so good! 

Did you know that scented fruit blossoms smell great? The blossoms of peaches and plums are often used as the main fragrance in soaps and perfumes (you can learn how to make your own soaps!). The beautiful blooming flowers and their fragrance are just an added bonus to the wonderful fruits that you can eat right from the tree, store, freeze or can to enjoy all year long. And you don’t even hae to drive to the grocery store!

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The top reasons we love fruit trees: They provide a variety of benefits to people and pollinators

Many fruit trees thrive in full sun and make excellent shade trees. Well-placed fruit trees can help reduce your energy bills by helping shade your home. Plum, apple, crabapple, peach and pear trees are excellent food sources for bees and other pollinators.  

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