The top reasons we love shrubs

The top reasons we love shrubs

The top reasons we love shrubs in outdoor spaces and landscapes cover a host of benefits. Providing shade, enhancing soil stability, improving air quality, creating wildlife habitats, and increasing the value of your property are at the top of our list. 

Shrubs add to your property’s ecosystem

Shrubs are a beneficial part of every garden’s ecosystem. Shrubs are beautiful to look at, and add substance and  seasonal interest to your landscape. Shrubs can also reduce or eliminate wind and water erosion of your soil. 

Shrubs can help lower heating and cooling costs

Shrubs, planted in the right locations, can lower energy bills in both the summer and winter. Plant deciduous shrubs that do well in your climate. Planted in front of windows with eastern and western exposure, they can reduce the load on cooling systems. Deciduous shrubs shed their leaves in the winter, allowing your home to benefit from passive solar heat gain.

“Bee friendly” with shrubs to provide food and shelter

Shrubs can be an integral part of bee, butterfly and bird-friendly gardens, providing food, pollen and nectar. Shrubs provide homes where pollinators and other wildlife can nest, seek shade, and hide from less agile predators.

Improve your view, increase your privacy

Shrubs are great for borders and for enhancing privacy. You can protect yourself from an unattractive view while also limiting or eliminating the view of your property by others. They can also be strategically planted to separate one area of your yard from another.

Shrubs can increase your property’s curb appeal and value

Landscaped properties have a greater value than those with no landscaping or plants. Established trees and shrubs add even more value, because they have already reached maturity.  Households will established, well-cared-for landscapes can increase home values by 5 to 20 percent over properties that don’t. 


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