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10 Fall Gardening Tasks to Make Your Garden Sing Next Spring

It’s not time to hang up your rake until the last gardening tasks of the season are complete. Here are ten essential fall tasks to finish before the snow flies to ensure your garden will shine next spring. 1. Do an honest evaluation of your garden.  What worked this year? What wouldn’t you repeat next […]

Our Landscape of the Week: An amazing patio transformation

This custom patio design and installation transformed a simple concrete patio into an outdoor space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.  The natural stone elements complement each other, creating a welcoming place to gather and increasing the size of the space dramatically.  Call today to schedule your on-site consultation with one of our professional designers.  During […]

Make sure your flowers, shrubs and trees are ready for the current heat, and the coming cold

Garden Center Pro Tips

Our Garden Center Pro Staff shares tips on how to get another show of blooms from your annuals and container plants, and what to do to prepare your perennials to survive the winter and thrive next year.  Trees and shrubs also benefit from some extra TLC this time of year.  Read on for the details.  […]

Pollinators visit Parkville

Thanks, Karen, for sharing this video of butterflies and bees visiting your garden! The video was taken in her front yard near Parkville. Karen says “Our front yard is small but it has this Butterfly Weed. Monarchs love to lay their eggs on it and Swallowtails are always fluttering around it too, with plenty of […]

Lawn maintenance, watering your plants and watching out for pests are all on your August Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Garden Center Pro Tips

In this post, our Pro Staff from Full Features Landscape & Garden Center will review some items that should be on your Lawn and Garden To-Do List for August. Because August is typically one of the hottest times of the year, when gardens and gardeners are both subject to being baked by the hot sun, […]

Custom Landscape Design of the Week

This custom landscape design incorporates cool natural snapped stone steps with bedding areas. A variety of plants and grasses accent the stones and steps.  This landscape design will not only enhance the beauty of this great property, but also help control erosion.    Our experienced landscape designers will be glad to meet with you to […]

July to-do’s to help your lawn and garden thrive

Garden Center Pro Tips

🌻Be sure your plants have plenty of water. 🌻Stay ahead of weeds. 🌻Replace mulch as needed. 🌻Keep lawns at about 3 inches to protect from summer heat. 🌻Keep bird feeders and baths clean 🌻Keep up on deadheading. 🌻Shear back spent annuals by one-third. 🌻Do a final pinching of fall blooming flowers like mums and asters. […]

Another satisfied customer review

Thank you, Kim, for following up with these beautiful photos from your 2020 landscape installation. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the plants as they mature. We’re sure the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees appreciate them as well!

Check out our Landscape of the Week – July 13, 2021

Here’s another fantastic landscape installed by Full Features Landscape and Garden Center with a 5-Star Review. This fun project includes numerous retaining walls, paver edging, bedding plants, river rock, boulders, and even a pillar around the mailbox. Project designer: Kris Project Installation Foreman: Jon Quality Control Supervisor: Dan July 2021            […]

Japanese Beetles – they’re here! What can you do?

Japanese Beetle life cycle

Japanese Beetles are here!  What can you do?  We have provided information on treatments for Japanese Beetles are the different stages of their life cycle, and how to best treat to rid your plants of these pests.    The Japanese beetle can be a very damaging insect in both the adult and larval stages. [see […]